The perfect cloud or on-premises solution, it's always your choice

Cloud or On-Premises

Simply subscribe to licenses and let Cherwell provide convenient, secure hosting. You also have the option to host on-premise or at your preferred data center. Cherwell allows for complete portability – you may change your hosting environment at any time. With Cherwell, you can subscribe to concurrent licenses on a pay-as-you go model or take advantage of your capital budget and purchase perpetual licenses.

Cherwell Offers Choice without Compromise

Enterprise-savvy customers today are demanding more choice in the financial model, the deployment model and the user interface model. An organization should be able to choose, for example, to host the application and data on-premise, yet pay for the software using a subscription model—while accessing the data using either a rich-client or a browser. If any model is really going to offer true "service," it should offer choices to the customer.

So while it certainly appears that many organizations are demanding the benefits offered by SaaS, evidence indicates many organizations are confused about what SaaS truly entails, and whether or not it is the best choice for their software needs.

What the Analysts Say

Forrester Research reports that 50% of all organizations are interested in SaaS deployment. According to Gartner, even though only approximately 5% of the IT Service Management (ITSM) software market today has embraced SaaS, it is estimated that 50% of this industry will do so by 2015.

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